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Introduction To Information Technology
Spring Quarter 2013

ITM 100-OL Instructor: Dr. Solomon Nyaanga
4 Credit Email: Solomon-nyaanga@mymail.berkeleycollege.edu
PREREQUISITES: None Phone: 973-642-3888 ext. 6220
862-684-1099 (Cell)

Virtual Office Hours: By Appointment

Course Description:

This course explores fundamental technical issues pertaining to computers and information technology. Introduces hardware and software components of an Information System, their mutual relationship, dependency, and historical evolution.


At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

* Understand how to manage a digital firm considering business environments, IT infrastructure, critical system applications, and an integrated problem solving approach.

* Define and determine the requirements of technologies available today and the emerging technology trends for hardware, software, networks and data.

* Identify and determine software applications to support business operations and business intelligence including e-business applications..

* Determine “Best Practices” for acquiring and implementing new systems managing IT projects.

* Determine how to formulate an approach of planning and managing an IS department’s resources, as well as managing information security, social/ethical/legal issues.


Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin and Perkins, Management Information Technology, 7th Editiion, Prentice Hall. 2012 ISBN 978 013 214632-6
COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL LAW:For information on the authors, titles, retail prices, ISBN numbers and other details regarding the textbooks, please visit the college website at http://bookstore.berkeleycollege.edu STUDENT ASSESSMENT:

It is recommended that students’ knowledge be evaluated through the use of quizzes/tests, written assignments, in-class discussions and/or a research project (written and presented). Regular attendance and participation in the discussions are very important. The ability to discuss with the professor and fellow students the issues related to the topic of the course is an important part of the learning strategy. Consequently, a portion of the final grade should reflect an evaluation of the frequency and quality of the student’s participation in classroom discussion.

Attendance Policy:
Attendance – Attendance is expected at every class meeting. Instructor policy sets the maximum number of permissible absences at 10% of the number of class meetings scheduled for the semester. If the class is meeting two times per week, you are permitted to be absent a total of three class sessions; if the class meets only once per week, you are permitted to miss one and one-half of the class meetings. Any additional absences would decrease your class participation by 10 points.

Regarding homework submissions: All assignments must be typed and submitted via blackboard (unless instructed otherwise). You will find list of assignments for each week in the syllabus. You must submit all assignments for each week in one document only. The deadline for submission is Wednesday of each week.

Grading Procedure:

Students will be assessed throughout the quarter by GHAs, Case studies, Discussion board, and Writing assignments as follows:

Student Evaluation| Percent of Final Grade|
GHAs – Graded Homework Assignments| 40%|
Cases, Videos and other writing Assignments| 20%|
Discussion Boards| 40%|
TOTAL| 100%|

BLACKBOARD: Students must have access to blackboard for discussion board participation, Graded Homework Assignment (GHA) submissions, grades etc. Method of...
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