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Topics: Holy Roman Empire, Louis the Pious, Charlemagne Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Imagine that you are a noble in a group of missi dominici. You have been mandated by Charlemagne to go forth and inspect governments, administer justice, and reawaken all citizens to their civil and religious duties. Write a letter back to Charlemagne recounting your experiences so far.

799 December 5
To King Charles, the Great:
A lull in our travels presents me with the opportunity to further apprise of our sojourns. Since leaving the palace in Aachen, we made the journey through lands of Burgundy, but have encountered some complications since my last correspondence to you which have delayed our progress. My trusted companion, your servant Bishop Jean, fell ill of the pestilence just before our entourage entered Paris, so we sought the assistance of the order at Saint-Étienne to nurse him back to health. He was never near death, but struggled mightily with the plague until the nuns’ concoction broke his fever. But this delays our arrival by almost a week. Despite the setback, we are now encamped atop an overlook on the outskirts of Brittany as I write these words, Here we will sleep the night, then continue into the city tomorrow. I have sent word ahead with my servant, Desiridus, to Duke Tassilo asking that he meet with me in the morning. My plan is to discuss with him his allegiance with Lupo, the Duke of Gascony, who is rumored to have aligned himself with the invaders of Spain in what may be a conspiracy against my Lord. I will seek his oath of allegiance to you in this matter. I have discussed this plan with Bishop Jean, who concurs, but who also wished to discuss the country’s lack of a papal presence. Jean feels that adherence to the Christian faith will strengthen the unity there. As My Lord instructed, “by the sword and by the cross.” Please pray that our endeavors are met with success, and that no treacheries lie in the shadows of the gorge through which we must travel on the morrow. I will advise you of the outcomes. Your loyal...
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