Teradata case write up

Topics: Business intelligence, Data mining, Future Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Innovations to ‘Active Enterprise Intelligence’ such that it will be much easier to integrate multiple organizations’ data warehouses and provide cross-organization, collaborative data warehousing. Examples of cross-organization applications include data mining and reporting on the efficacy of business processes shared with suppliers, distributors, customers and government agencies. The global market was facing recession, a crucial transition phase where all businesses need strong efforts to overcome recession. Teradata focusing on innovation will help it stay above competition and Teradata’s innovation in Active Enterprise Intelligence will help businesses overcome declining profits in recession. Recession has taken a toll on most businesses and they are finding out ways to cut costs. The role of Teradata here would be to help organizations cut costs and to help improve the efficiency, which is where Active Enterprise Intelligence (AEI) comes into picture. Innovations in the AEI space will help Teradata in two aspects under cost reduction. The first aspect will be increased efficiency across business processes which includes every division of the business starting from its customers, suppliers and distributors. AEI will help any company to find bottlenecks and lay off redundant process to reduce costs. For e.g. an active enterprise intelligence can give insights into dashboard reporting, managing sales/operations and help in finding discrepancies to break redundant processes within an organization. So AEI not only helps other organizations to stabilize during recession but also helps stabilize Teradata its market position by retaining its customers and bringing value to customers. Apart from reducing cost to existing customers, technology innovation in AEI can be used as bait to capture further market share. Especially during recession companies need real time intelligence to improve their business efficiency. Since the future of data warehousing is going to...
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