Terrorist Watch List Database

Topics: Data warehouse, Database management system, SQL Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: September 10, 2010
1.1 Data Warehouse
A data warehouse is a database that stores current and historical data of potential interest to decision makers throughout the company.[1] In the Terrorist Watch List Database case, the information about suspected terrorists are consolidated and standardized from multiple government agencies so that the information can be centralized into a single list, from which different agencies can communicate and share information with each other. This centralized database is a specific example of data warehouse. In this case, the data warehouse containing the relevant information of individuals from each agency’s list enhancing effectiveness of communication between agencies as well as increase the consistency of information from separate databases.

1.3 Business Intelligence
Helping end users to make better business decisions by analyzing, consolidating and providing access to vast amounts of data through a series of tools is referred to Business Intelligence.[2] BI process usually provides users the internal relationship of data so that enable users to see the patterns, relationships and insights of the data and make better decisions. In the Terrorist Watch List Database case, according to the standard provided in the data mining of the database, information can be correctly classified multi-dimensional. For instance, the information on the watch list can be distributed to different government agency systems (e.g. FBI, CIA, NSA,TSA) to detect and trace the movement of suspects. What is more, the information received by different agencies is pre-classified so as to fit the specific agency’s mission. The distribution and integration process involves classification of the information as well as multi-dimensional analysis processes. These processes are all referred to Business Intelligence through which end users get consolidated analysis and get access to vast data.

1.5 Databases and Database Management Systems
Database is a collection of data...
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