Cis 500 Case Study 1

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Case Study 1: The Big Data Challenges
Richard Lall
Dr. Kim Anthony
CIS500010VA016-1128-001 Info Syst Decision-Making
October 28, 2012

Judge how Volvo Car Corporation integrated the cloud infrastructure into its networks. Volvo split from Ford in in 2010. In doing so they needed to create their own standalone IT environment and at the same time improve its business intelligence capabilities and operational efficiency (Microsoft, 2012). In a world where many consumers value smart technology in coexistence with automotive engineering, Volvo has created vehicles with hundreds of sensors and CPU’s embedded throughout the car (I-CIO, 2011). “Besides vehicle data gathered by sensors in and on the vehicle, we also collect visual information from four cameras. This gives us a good view of what happened in the cab and on the road at any given point in time” (Volvo Group, 2011). From the central locking system to the on board camera’s, data is being captured for use within the vehicle and then transmitted via the cloud back to Volvo (I-CIO, 2011). Once data is received at Volvo it is streamed to a centralized analysis hub (the Volvo Data Warehouse), alongside data from customer relationship management systems (CRM), dealership systems, and product development and design systems (I-CIO, 2011). Once data is retrieved at the Volvo Data Warehouse it is archived where it can be retrieved and analyze or manipulated by Volvo employees. Through the cloud Volvo is massing large amount of rich data and this is providing them with the opportunity to “turn that resource into something that no only helps build better cars, but also helps the customer have a better experience [through their interaction and above all safety]” (I-CIO, 2011). Explain how Volvo Car Corporation transforms data into knowledge. Utilizing the Volvo data Warehouse to splice data together Volvo is able to perform analysis on various vehicle aspects. Having this abundance of data quicker allows...

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