Telecommunication Systems at My Workplace

Topics: Ethernet, Computer network, Token ring Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 15, 2006
X (company name), the company I work for, has thousands of employees located in all fifty states, as well as other countries. There are many agent offices, claim offices, home office and three datacenters. Telecommunication systems tie all of these things together, making data sharing and communication possible. In this paper, I will provide observations of X's telecommunication systems. I will cover our company's phone network, datacenters connection to offices and remote access solution. X's home office consists of multiple buildings scattered throughout CITY land area. However, our telephone network is set up in a way which allows home office employees dial 5-digit extension numbers to connect within home office without having to access outside line. Additionally, each employee has a dedicated outside line that can be accessed by dialing ‘9' as a prefix. Long distance service is available on all lines; however, international service is by default unavailable. International access can be granted for an employee's telephone line once necessary approvals are received. X telephone system allows to conference multiple participants into one call. However, if more than 5 people need to be included into a conversation, a special conference number is used to conduct the meeting. An X conference number is used by all company employees for telephone conferencing. The number can also be used by employees outside of United States. X managers are assigned a virtual room number that needs to be dialed by conference participants. In order for the telephone meeting to begin, the owner of the conference room has to dial a password. Once the password is entered, a conference can begin and all callers join the conversation. The data center is a collection of different computer systems communicating through various protocols. The Local Area Network (LAN) is split into two token ring networks to help reduce network traffic and minimize collisions. Both token rings are...

References: Citrix Website, Retrieved on September 11, 2006 from
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