Huffman Trucking Company Telephony Paper

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Huffman Trucking Company Telephony Paper
NTC 500 Networking Concepts
University of Phoenix
July 31, 2006

Huffman Trucking Company Telephony Paper

Communication in a business is the key to success. Interpersonal communication is very important in today's often technologically anonymous society. An assessment as to the current Telephone Communication Systems configurations at all four state area locations was made. Recommendations for improvements will be noted after the discussion of the current systems in order of state, followed by specific locale.

Located in Los Angeles, the California locations consist of the CA-Office and the CA-Plant. While currently functional, many improvements should be made to maintain quality of service to Huffman clients. While the CA-Office locale currently utilized a PBX Telephone System with Intercom (POTS), they do not have voice mail or caller ID abilities. The CA-Plant locale, on the other hand, is very fortunate to posses a digital phone system with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

PBX, or Private Branch/Business eXchange, is a telephone exchange that is owned by a private business. When a business owns their own exchange, all of their telephones are connected separately than public telephones are. If a business did not have a PBX, all of the offices phones would have their own line and number, and calls would have to be routed out of the building to a central switch and come back to the intended phone again.

Devices connected to PBXs in offices are usually referred to as extensions, and the PBX equipment is installed onsite. In addition to telephones, many other communication/data devices can be connected to the PBX such as Fax and Modem machines.

The CA-Office location utilizes their PBX with Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS). (POTS acts as an interface for connecting the extensions to the PBX). POTS are used in most homes and are a common...

References: Novell. "NetWare 4.11 Guide to NetWare 4 Networks.". 2006.
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