SIP trunking essay NETW320 week 3

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SIP Trunking;
What, Why, and How

Years ago, actually decades ago, phone calls were connected manually, by a PBX operator - an actual person. Since automation took the place of live operators, I don’t think most people have given much thought as to how they are actually able to make a phone call. You just pick up your phone, and dial the number, easy breezy. That’s exactly how it should be for the end user. The past couple of decades have seen a tremendous growth in technology. Phones, phone calls, and how we make them, are no exception - a lot has changed since the days of the PBX operator. Today a lot of phone calls being made are being made over the internet –vs- over traditional phone lines. Just like everything else on the internet, there are protocols in place when it comes to making and receiving phone calls. SIP trunking is a voice over internet provider (VoIP) service that is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). A SIP trunk is an unmediated virtual connection between telecommunications systems. “The connection can be made over a line that is used only for SIP trunking, over a dedicated line that carries SIP trunking with other IP traffic, or over the internet on a virtual private network (VPN)”. ( SIP trunking allows a residence, or a business, to take their VoIP telephone past their current firewall without needing an IP-PSTN gateway. SIP trunks are capable of doing more than connecting VoIP phone calls. They can also carry multimedia conferences, instant messages, and enhanced 911 emergency calls. If you’ve ever used Skype, or another real time communication services, then you’ve used SIP trunking. There are many reasons to use SIP trunking. SIP trunking is easy to configure, and the operation, maintenance, and upgrade cost are less expensive. By using SIP trunking in your business, you will be taking a big step towards streamlining your company telecommunications as well as preparing for cutting edge, real time communication enhancements. However, the biggest incentive for most companies is instant and significant cost savings. Typically long distance charges are reduced significantly, and because you can connect your SIP trunk straight to your ITSP, bypassing the PSTN, you can eliminate IP-PSTN gateways, and their associated attendant expense. Using SIP trunking is a sensible move towards having a converged IP based network, instead of using both a telephone network and a data network. Your current system is going to determine what equipment will be necessary to deploy SIP trunking. Those owning older PBX systems may find it necessary to use a SIP-ISDN gateway bod to communicate between the SIP, the SIP trunks ISDN, and the PBX system. Some companies, or home users, can choose to have SIP trunking run over the public internet. However you choose to set up your SIP trunking, to guarantee maximum efficiency and quality, the correct set up is crucial, but having a strong connection is the most important aspect of SIP trunking. Session Initiation Protocol is a protocol originally established by the IETF in 1999 as referenced by RFC 2543. This RFC has been updated numerous times, with the latest update in 2006, referenced in RFC 3261. There is also an RFC for SIP trunking groups. RFC 49104 was published in June 2007, and addresses the protocols for SIP trunking groups. In today’s economy, and with world markets, the need for effective, reliable communication at a reasonable price is crucial. Convergence plays an integral part in attaining this goal, and deploying SIP is an important component of effective convergence.

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