Tanglewood Case

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Retailing Pages: 8 (2861 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Each branch of Tanglewood uses distinct methods for recruiting. With the employee turnover very high is the retail industry, Tanglewood is no exception. For that purpose, they need to constantly hire new employees. To fill these positions Tanglewood uses a variety of recruiting methods, though each region need not necessarily follow all. While the methods used for recruiting are Media, Referrals, Kiosks, State Job Services and Staffing Agencies, individual branches determine which staffing method suits best for them to use for hiring store associates. Tanglewood needs a uniform recruiting strategy and a recruiting guide that will not only help them hire a candidate with the Person/Organization match but also attract a culturally diverse workforce. This will lower the chances of employee turnover and also make them compliant with the EEO and other laws. Having a standardized recruiting process across the chain will also create staffing operational efficiencies and help maintain the culture of the organization. In order to have a successful recruiting plan, the first thing that needs to be addressed is having a Job description for each position that is there in the organization. This can be done by Job Analysis which will determine what KSAOs are needed for a certain position. After job Analysis and Job description, a detail selection plan has to be made which will rank the KSAOs and how they can be assessed. For any recruiting plan to be successful, Tanglewood has to determine which method to use. Though each division uses a variation of methods to search for their job candidates, there has to be some consistency across the whole organization.

It is the largest and most profitable region of all the Tanglewood stores, mainly because it is centered around Seattle which is a big urban city. In keeping with the company’s culture and values, this region strongly believes in employee participation and autonomy. This region’s primary method of recruiting is employee referral. In the Seattle area, job Services is also heavily used for recruiting. Lastly, to fill positions that have not been met with the initial methods, the Kiosk method is used. Western Washington heavily relies on employee referral recruiting method. Data shows that it gets the largest number of applicants that is 3362, of which 1564(47%) are qualified and 1048(31%) are hired. This method has one of the highest rate of retention of 712(68%) next only to Job service which is 75% of the hired workforce. The setup cost for employee referrals is the same as Media and Job service which is $250,000. However, it has the highest variable cost amongst all the methods of $2,356,240, thus putting the total cost to $2,606,240 which is even higher than the Kiosk method. The cost per hire is $2,486.87 and the cost per 1 year survival is $3,660.45. This reveals that even though the employee referral method costs almost $1,100 more than Job service, in terms of qualification rate, hiring rate and employee retention it yields better. Job service data shows that it yields 4236 applicants, of which 1398(33%) are qualified and only 378(9%) are hired. This method has the highest rate of retention after 1 year of 284(75%). But if we look at the number it is only 284 employees versus 712 in referral. The setup cost for Job service is the same as Media and employee referrals, but it has the lowest variable cost amongst all the methods of $462,720, thus putting the total cost to $712,720 which is the lowest of all the methods. The cost per hire is $1,885.50 and the cost per 1 year survival is $2,509.58. This reveals that this is the cheapest method used for recruiting however the retention rate for this method is also the lowest. The kiosk method in the recruiting data shows that it yields 3114 job applicants, of which 1278(41%) are qualified and only 652(21%) are hired. This method has a retention rate after 1 year of 358(55%). This method...
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