Taking Responsibility

Topics: Learning, James Frey, Twelve-step program Pages: 4 (1603 words) Published: March 2, 2014

Take the Blame: Theme Essay
When people take a look at the world around them, they see that people often are blaming others for their poor lack of judgement. Whether they are blaming their parents, friends, or a complete stranger, they should instead take the blame themselves to learn from the situation. In A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, the readers learn that it is easiest to take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming others. The main character, James, learns that it is easiest for him to take the blame for his actions rather than blaming others because doing so allows him for the most efficient recovery and life after rehab. While James is struggling to recover in rehab, he learns that blaming himself is the best throughout his past, present, and recovery experiences such as his neglected childhood, refusing to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, and finally being fully recovered from a harmful lifestyle. Throughout James’ life, he has always struggled with his anger issues that are commonly referred to as ‘The Fury’. During his last few weeks at the rehabilitation center, James learns that this is from his neglected childhood. At the beginning of the novel, readers learn that when James’ Fury takes over, he cannot control his actions or thoughts, the Fury completely takes over. “I turn and I walk back to my Room and it’s empty and I begin pacing and my body shakes and I try to control myself. half of me wants to go back to the Hall and fight whoever is there and either destroy or be destroyed, half of me wants to hide.” (Frey 50). This quote is significant to the theme because it is one of the first times readers realize how bad James’ anger issues are and how difficult it is for him to control himself. Towards the end of the novel, James has a family session with his family. When he has this confrontation with his parents, he figures out where his anger issues started. “He had ear problems.” (Frey 304). Since the first memories that James...
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