Phil 1600 Ch 3 Questions

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (683 words) Published: October 13, 2014
1.What Role does Inner conflict play in human moral development? a.Inner conflict often plays the role of motivation in the human moral development. According to the book, an addict has to “hit bottom” in order to begin the recovery journey. Another example would be a college dropout who ends up struggling in the real world, unhappy with his life and decides to go back to school to pursue a career. 2.What role does fear of change play in human moral development? a.It plays a role of survival, in which what you are given is what’s best for you. Often times, when you don’t experience an inner conflict you will have a fear of change. For instance, when our fear of change outweighs our inner conflict we are unlikely to make life changes. 3.What is the main idea of Kohlberg’s three level of moral development? a.Stage 1: Pre-Conventional Level

i.This describes people’s thinking before they are able to understand conformity to rules or standards. b.Stage 2: Conventional Level
i.This describes people think of moral right and wrong in terms of conforming to important social expectations and rules. c.Stage 3: Post Conventional Level
i.This describes how we think once we learn that there is more to ethics than conforming to the standards and rules of others. 4.What does the author mean by saying that “moral development is not based on actions or behavior”? a. He means that moral development is not measured by just only action and behaviors instead it’s measured by how people understand the very nature of right and wrong. 5.In your own words, explain the main idea of each of Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development?

a.Stage 1: Punishment and Obedience
i.This means that if one doesn’t obey the authority he will get punished. So moral decisions are made to avoid punishment. b.Stage 2: Instrument and Relativity
i.Moral decisions are made based on “what’s in it for me?” Basically you need a reward system to have order. c.Stage 3:...
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