Book of James

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Book of James
I read the book of James and was astounded at how much I learned in such a short period of time. James encourages us to rejoice in Christ and to persevere. The main themes prevalent in this book which are wisdom, faith, trials, speech and wealth, all pertain to us today and we can use the information this book gives us to benefit from it. The book’s structure, purpose, characteristics, and history really helped teach me how to deal with the trails and temptations we as Christians face from day to day.

In order to fully understand this book, I thought it was a good idea to know the background information. Further looking into this, I really got intrigued by what I found. James was the brother of Jesus and the leader of the Jerusalem council. I found it interesting that at first, James didn’t believe in Jesus and even challenged Him and His teachings yet later on, he became very prominent in the church. James was also one of the few select individuals Christ appeared to after His resurrection. I thought that it is important to note this transformation in his life following the resurrection of Jesus. I believe that his life can most definitely serve as an example to other non-believers of what is possible after faith in Christ is confessed.

Reading further, I found that James has some very distinct characteristics. The book has a very Jewish nature, for instance it uses the Hebrew title for God, kyrios sabaoth, which means Lord Almighty. Also, James is organized in a way that is very simple and easy to follow. It has ten distinct sections with the titles that clearly tell the reader what they’re about. A third characteristic of James is that it emphasizes that Christianity is a vital part of everyone’s everyday lives. Doing good deeds alone will not be enough; one has to have a strong faith and show that by living out a faithful lifestyle that accompanies one’s faith. The book of James is actually a letter, and we see this very clearly in verse...
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