Personal Responsibility

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It seems today people taking personal responsibility for their education is a thing of the past. Few are truly seeking what can be considered a true and properly earned education desiring only to obtain a fancy piece of paper with their name on it from an Ivy League school without doing the hard work that it entails. Shortcuts are the norm. When someone gets caught for cheating[,] the answer is always I didn’t know that was wrong. [always, “I didn’t know that was wrong.”—this is the same comment made on your previous version] A drop out claims the instructor wasn’t a good teacher. Consequently[,] blame is assessed without understanding what it is to be personally responsible. The term personal responsibility entails far more than just the meaning of those two words put together, as I have only realized after five weeks of avoiding every issue in my personal life to concentrate on pretending I was not watching pornography online but was actually reading course material and preparing research. [This sentence is confusing. Rework for clarity and conciseness. ] Dissecting the former sentence will not only yield a loaded statement into my own personal ethics and moral attitude, but will also assist in the understanding of personal responsibility and what the term being personally responsible truly means. Attempting to digest the information in the required readings, and applying it to my own educational goals, I understand the concept in a whole new light. Prior to this course if I was asked to provide a definition of the meaning of personal responsibility, I would complete a Google search of the term. After sifting through 25,000 hits and pounding my head on the laptop keyboard from frustration I would more than likely decide on using an article from the sports section from the Sunday Times as my own original idea. Fortunately having academic integrity as part of being...

Bibliography: D.R. Garrison (1992). Critical Thinking and Self-Directed Learning in Adult Education: An Analysis of Responsibility and Control Issues. Adult Education Quarterly March 20, 1992 vol. 42 no. 3 136-148. Retrieved from
This article discusses the need for maintaining personal responsibility and accountability for the adult learner, while explaining the key components of adult education. It also develops the idea of what self – directed study, UOP Online, for example, requires from the adult learner and really entails.
Ellis, D (2011). Becoming a Master Student (13th Ed.). Boston. Ma, Wadsworth
This E-book is used in the curriculum for online University of Phoenix students. It conforms to the main course outline and discusses the learning process, provides instruction on learning techniques, and adds additional exercises to maintain and apply what I have learned to obtain my educational goal.
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