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Take Away Quiz 2 Gaggle
Quiz # 2

1. Which statement about sending an instant message is true?

a. You can send an instant message only to a contact that is signed in to the service.
b. You can send an instant message whether the recipient is online or not.
c. You can send an instant message only from a mobile phone that has wireless telecommunications capability.
d. Your instant message must be no larger than 140 bytes.

2. If you are logged on to Windows Live Messenger, why would you be unable to engage in an instant messaging session with your brother, who is logged on to his AOL Instant Messenger account?

a. Because you use Windows and your brother uses Apple OS X
b. Because Windows Live Messenger has built-in security and AOL Instant Messenger does not
c. Because AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger use their own proprietary protocols
d. Because AOL Instant Messenger encrypts instant messages and Windows Live
Messenger cannot decrypt them

3. Which of the following is a Web 2.0 programming methodology you could use to create Web pages that are dynamic and interactive without the need to refresh or reload the page?

a. Wiki
b. RSS
c. Blog
d. Ajax

4. Which of the following practices can help you avoid harassment (or the appearance of harassment) when using Internet communications?

a. Send potentially offensive jokes via e-mail only to people you know well.
b. Respect other users' requests not to send any jokes via e-mail or IM.
c. Use emoticons to indicate that threats you make via e-mail or IM are not serious.
d. Reduce inappropriate or unprofessional communications while at work.

5. What is the term for a problem-solving model in which a task ordinarily performed by one person is outsourced to a large group or community?

a. Collective intelligence
b. Crowdsourcing
c. Folksonomy
d. Mashup

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