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Business Admin
Part 1 – How prepared am I for online study success?
1. Use the box below to introduce yourself in less than 50 words. You may wish to include in your introduction any specific learning objectives you want to achieve through studying this course.
I'm Jemima and I am here to learn the necessary skills to help me change and move forward in my career. I have a professional manner and strive for excellence. I also relish in challenges. I am enthusiastic and willing to learn.
2. I think of myself as someone who:
b) Is sometimes poor at prioritising and who needs to be reminded to do things and may even leave them till the last minute
3. Having face-to-face interaction with my tutors and fellow students is:
b) Quite important to me
4. When it comes to assessing my own progress, I:
a) Feel I can keep tabs on my own progress, without immediate or frequent feedback from a teacher or tutor
5. I learn best when:
b) I can read material in a textbook, look at pictures, diagrams and graphs or follow written directions
Part 2 – Are you ready to develop your business and administration skills?
Question 1:
c) I know there are main points of legislation which affect employers and employees, but I don’t really know a lot about this subject.
Question 2:
b) I know a little bit about different methods of communication and how to choose the most appropriate method.
Question 3:
b) I know a little about the purpose of agreeing work standards with others and adapting to change.
Question 4:
b) I know a little bit about the different features of telephone systems and other office equipment.
Question 5:
a) I know all about how and why waste should be kept to a minimum in an office environment.
Question 6:
a) I know all about the differences between internal and external customers and the importance of good customer service.
Question 7:
b) I know quite a bit about the purpose of IT in business and how it can be used for work tasks.
Question 8:
b) I know a little bit about the reasons for

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