Street Smart

Topics: Education, Success, Academic degree Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: July 13, 2014
Chia Ying Lin
Pro. Vance
English 1C
30 June 2014
Essay One (outline 387-5)
Street Smart
I. Introduction- There are certain skills people need to become successful in life that can only be gained through experience. A. Students shouldn’t be too focused on having book smart. 1. Book smart person is a gobbler of books who is well educated. 2. He might have problem putting his knowledge into real world. B. Utilizing street smart is the best way to succeed.

1. Street smart person finds his own interest, and gets his knowledge from experience. 2. He has intelligent common sense, and uses it well in society. II. Body part 1- Many people believe being book smart is the only form of intelligence. A. Book smarts are having an advantage when receiving higher education and excelling academically. B. Their precision of knowledge can somehow compensate for their lack of experience applying it in the real world. III. Body part 2- Being street smarts is also the way to succeed. A. Street smarts have situational awareness.

1. We can assess the environment we are in, who is in it and what the available outcomes are. 2. We learn to trust our own judgment about people and what matters most to us in any situation. B. It’s not something that we can learn from a book, it’s something we learn from personal experience. 1. Street smart trait is communication which is a key to understanding people. 2. My personal experience is base on street smart.

IV. Body part 3- Street smarts think contextually by utilizing logic whereas book smarts only comes from a lecture or textbook. A. Paying job is impossible without a formal education.
1. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, who is widely regarded as one of the best businessmen of his day didn't have a college degree. 2. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has found success without college degrees. B. Students’ successes begin with matching our own interests with the right major and making meaningful choices of classes to complete our school...

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