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Etiquette and Sophistication

By SueSue3 Oct 21, 2012 357 Words
Sue Lees
Eng. 0300
HCCS-Katy Center
Definition Essay

Elegance in Modern Society

Sophistication is the quality of refinement a person acquires with the course of life. You don’t acquire this status, privilege, or superiority over night; it takes time. People are not born with this status. Sophistication is not necessarily wealth or materialistic items, as for displaying good taste, wisdom, and good manners. People who have highly developed in society and showing worldly experience and taste in matters of culture or fashion.

People who have sophistication have good taste, whether it is in their clothes, hair styles, or accessories is always being watched by society. Their appearance is neat and fashionable; not to say the clothes are expensive. Their hair is styled to what is in for that season, year, decade with an elegant poise. The woman’s hairstyle is secure in place with no fly away hair. Men of this status tend to have neatly cut and shaved, trimmed mustaches and beards. Also, women of sophistication tend to have artificial nails as well as men’s manicures and pedicures for both gender.

Good manners are another quality of sophistication. People who respect others and their feelings show signs of sophistication. Another example of good manners are showing respect to your elders. Table etiquette, not chewing or talking with mouth open, is a sign of good table manners. People with sophistication do not use slang words, they use proper English to pronounce words.

Finally, people of a sophistication status have wisdom. Book smart people with a degree or certificate are known a sophisticated. Also, people who display signs of sophistication require street smarts, also known as common sense. Additionally, someone with sophistication should have the knowledge of technology in personal computers.

In conclusion, sophistication might be described as the ability to cope gracefully in a situation, but in modern society it is a combination of qualities, such as good manners, wisdom, and good taste. Reaching the qualities of sophistication that are mentioned takes a process that is learned with life’s experience, education, and the way to carry and present yourself with poise and elegance.

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