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Q.1. What are the different means of mass communication ? What are their advantages? Q.2. Mention a few modern means of communication & find out any two uses of each.

Q.3. What are the advantages of mobile phones? Find out more about smart phones and their latest features. The use of mobile phones has several advantages, namely it has given people communication freedom and independence and it has also become a good source of entertainment. Also, this technology provides important safety benefits and emergency services, in addition to facilitating communications across geographical borders. The market leading smart phones are Apple IPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry. The smart phones provides fast internet facilities and act as an entertainment medium such as movie, music, social networking etc.

Q.4. List down the different means of personal communication. Find out more about their advantages and disadvantages. Means of communication
Fastest than any other communication medium. Easy to carry and memorize all the contacts. Expensive.
Fast and very inexpensive means of communication.
Privacy issues due to lack of security.
Letters or speed posts
The old medium of communication and not very expensive. Ordinary or village people rely mostly on letters through Post Offices. The turn-around-time to reach the letter is long compared to telephone or email.

Q.5 Do you think that means of communication has helped to connect people better? If so how? Elaborate. Yes. Every means of communication is useful in its own way. The means of communication are Letters, telegram, telephone, telex, fax, e-mail, radio, television, newspapers, etc. Together, they help us keep in touch with our friends, relatives and the world. The modern communication means such as Smart Phones improved the communication between the people through the social networking sites namely Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
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