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Topics: Transmission Control Protocol, Internet, TCP and UDP port Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: October 2, 2014
R1. Suppose the network layer provides the following service. The network layer in the source host accepts a segment of maximum size 1,200 bytes and a destination host address from the transport layer. The network layer then guarantees to deliver the segment to the transport layer at the destination host. Suppose many network application processes can be running at the destination host.                 a. Design the simplest possible transport-layer protocol that will get application data to the desired process at the destination host. Assume the operating system in the destination host has assigned a 4-byte port number to  each running application process.                 b. Modify this protocol so that it provides a “return address” to the destination process.                 c. In your protocols, does the transport layer “have to do anything” in the core of the computer network?

R2. Consider a planet where everyone belongs to a family of six, every family lives in its own house, each house has a unique address, and each person in a given house has a unique name. Suppose this planet has a mail service that delivers letters from source house to destination house. The mail service requires that (i) the letter be in an envelope and that (ii) the address of the destination house (and nothing more) be clearly written on the envelope. Sup- pose each family has a delegate family member who collects and distributes letters for the other family members. The letters do not necessarily provide any indication of the recipients of the letters.                 a. Using the solution to Problem R1 above as inspiration, describe a protocol that the delegates can use to deliver letters from a sending family member to a receiving family member.                 b. In your protocol, does the mail service ever have to open the envelope and examine the letter in order to provide its service?

R3. Consider a TCP connection between Host A and Host B. Suppose that the...
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