Topics: IP address, Private network, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 8 (1161 words) Published: March 3, 2015
Final Exam Review
1. What can you detect by analyzing a data packet?
Policy violations and possible network vulnerabilities
2. NetWitness Investigator works how?
Real Time
3. What is used by TCP to establish a session between two systems?
Three way handshake
4. Which of the following protocols is a connection-oriented protocol that operates at the transport layer of the OSI model and supports reliable connections?
5. Promiscuous mode is most commonly associated with_____________?
6. What are the primary objectives of information security?
7. Personnel should be authenticated and authorized prior to being granted access to company’s information resources. This statement is an example of ________________?
8. What security group is responsible for managing network vulnerabilities and threats?
IT Security Staff
9. What network component filters traffic between nodes?
10. What is the most important consideration when designing a network?
11. What is usually the first activity in the hacking process?
12. What type of attack might a hacker offer as a service?
13. Which of the IT domains is most vulnerable to social engineering?
User Domain
14. What type of attack can result in arbitrary code execution with system-level privileges?
Buffer Overflow
15. Name three social engineering techniques?
Phishing, Impersonation, Reciprocity, ALL OF THE ABOVE
16. Which domain marks the boundary where the private network meets the public network?
17. A port scanner is a type of __________________ _________________scanner.
Network Vulnerability
18. Which of the following is not covered by a data loss/data leak prevention tool? a. File shares
b. E-mail
c. Stored data
d. Paper documents

19. Which of the following is not a purpose of network analysis? a. Prevent rogue access to the network
b. Reveal network vulnerabilities
c. Detect security policy violations
d. Reconstruct events after an incident

20. Where do you capture network data to analyze inbound/outbound network traffic?
Internal Firewall Interface
21. What can you accomplish by filtering network packets?
Prevent Malware Infections

22. Which of the following characteristics does not apply to stateful firewalls? a. Support IPv4 only
b. Support IPv6 only
c. Analyze static data only
d. Analyze both static and real-time data

23. What does an application-level proxy do?
Examines Packet Payloads
24. What are some of the problems facing static filtering?
Can’t hit random source ports
25. What type of firewall keeps track of state tables to sieve network traffic?
26. Where should firewall rules that explicitly deny traffic be placed?
At the top
27. What is the most important practice associated with firewall logging?
Review Firewall Logs Frequently
28. Which firewall limitation is typically characterized by a memory-based exploit?
Buffer Overrun
29. Firewall enhancements are desirable in all situations and should be deployed at any cost. a. True
b. False
30. Which of the following characteristics is included in a reverse proxy?
D. Caching and Authentication
31. What is a benefit of using VPNs?
Establishes Remote Network Access
32. Which aspect of the VPN prevents others from eavesdropping and observation?
Cryptographic Functions

33. What is an advantage of VPN tunnel mode?
Encapsulates protocol headers and packet payloads
34. Which of the following characteristics of a software VPN makes it less advantageous than a hardware VPN?
Open sourced clients can be complex to install
35. To develop an AUP, you need to __________.
Baseline Rules
36. Uninstalling all unnecessary applications and services on a system is an example of which of the following?
System hardening
37. is an example of which of the following? a. Static IP address
b. Private IP address
c. Dynamic IP...
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