3220 final review

Topics: Transmission Control Protocol, Computer security, Computer network Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: October 13, 2014
IS3220 Final review

1. What can you detect by analyzing a data packet?

2. What kind of data does NetWitness Investigator inspect?

3. What is used by TCP to establish a session between two systems? 69, 121

4. Name a connection-oriented protocol that operates at the transport layer of the OSI model and supports reliable connections?65, 69

5. Promiscuous mode is most commonly associated with which physical device on a computer?

6. True or false, privacy is a primary objective of information security. 6

7. Personnel should be authenticated and authorized prior to being granted access to company’s information resources. This statement is an example of what? 9

8. Which security group is responsible for managing network vulnerabilities and threats? 12

9. Which network component filters traffic between nodes? 44

10. Which is the most important consideration when designing a network? 10

11. What is usually the first activity in the hacking process? 119

12. What services might a hacker offer as a service? 113

13. Which IT domains is most vulnerable to social engineering? 115

14. What type of attack can result in arbitrary code execution with system-level privileges? 134

15. Name 3 social engineering techniques. 129, 144, 145

16. Which domain marks the boundary where the private network meets the public network? 152

17. A port scanner is a type of vulnerability assessment scanner. (T/F)

18. What data is covered by a data loss/data leak prevention tool? 22, 15

19. What is the purpose of network analysis? Chapter 1

20. Where do you capture network data to analyze inbound/outbound network traffic? Chapter 1

21. What can you accomplish by filtering network packets?69

22. What kinds of data is addressed by stateful firewalls? 69, 70, 73

23. What does an application-level proxy do? 70, 71

24. Which is a problem for static filtering? 69

25. What type of firewall keeps track of state tables to sieve network...
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