Chapter 3

Topics: Computer network, HTML, Internet Pages: 3 (471 words) Published: April 25, 2015
1. A fundamental component of the IS infrastructure is the ____________, that is, the computers that run the applications and databases necessary for processing transactions or analyzing business data. Hardware

2. With respect to the five general classes of computer,_________ are typically used for mission critical applications, such as transaction processing. Mainframes

3. Which of the following is a difference between a server and a workstation? A workstation is typically used by one user at a time.

4. With respect to the general classes of computers, a _________ is the most expensive and most powerful kind of computer, which is used primarily to assist in solving massive scientific problems Supercomputer

5. With respect to the five general classes of computer, a __________ is very large and is used primarily as the main, central computing system for major corporations. Server

6. Which the following statement is true about servers?
They are used to provide services to user within large organizations or to web users.

7. Which of the following general classes of computer designed for medical, engineering, or animation and graphics design uses are optimized for visualization and rendering of three – dimensional models, and typically have fast processors, large memory, and advanced videos cards. Workstations

8. Which of the following is an example of operating system? Ubuntu Linux

9. __________ define the procedures that different computers follow when they transmit and receive data Protocols

10. __________is the transmission capacity of a computer or communications channel, which represents how much binary data can be reliably transmitted over the medium in one second. Brandwidth

11. __________is any computer on the network, or any software application that uses only the services provided by the server. Client

12. __________ is any computer that may both request and provide services. Peer

13. With respect to...
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