Swot Analysis of Emi

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Executive Summary 1

Environmental Scanning 1

Forces affecting the Marketing Environment 2

Social Affects 2

Economical Affects 2

Technological Affects 2

Competitive Affects 2

Regulatory Affects 3

Introduction of EMI 3

Macro Environmental Analysis 3

Political Factors 4

Social Factors 4

Economical Factors 4

Technological Factors 4

Micro Environmental Analysis 5

Competitions from Substitutes 5

Threat of Entry 6

Rivalry between established players 6

Bargaining power of Buyers 6

Bargaining Power of Supplier 6

SWOT Analysis of EMI 7

Strengths 7

Weaknesses 7

Opportunities 7

Threats 7

UK Marketing Environment 8

EMI & UK Music Industry 8

Developing Marketing Strategies 9

Operational Marketing Strategies 9

Marketing Audit 9

Recommendation 10

References & Bibliography 11

This report consist of three part the first part tells us the definition and the importance of environmental scanning that how environmental scanning important for the organization to enter in the market different types are and factors are discussed in detailed. Music is also known as “Food of Soul”, in this age every one got device in the shape of IPod, mp3 or some other music source to get enjoy. For the last few years the UK music industry has been so badly hit by the last decade due to the illegal file-sharing on the web through different pages. Consumers with the PC’s can access current music digitally on the internet on a single click and this was so badly affected after 2004 till now.

Music group EMI and the music industry was bounced back from the effects of the illegal piracy of music tracks ‘articles published guardian (July 2008) Review on Music industry’

"Given the positive overall trend in the global music market over the past year, and the expected high levels of release activity across the industry in the months ahead, we are confident that we will see a substantial and very welcome full-year improvement in the performance of the recorded music market”. Article published on guardian.co.uk/business dated 19 Nov 2006.

According to the Jupiter research says that the growth of the digital music market will double in size this year and will grow to account for 25percent of total sales in the last five years.

Q.No1: An explanation of environmental scanning and why undertaking this type of activity is important for marketing planners? Environmental scanning:

According to Sandhusen .L.R 2004 environmental scanning is basically the collection of data and analyzing it before entering in to the market which can influence the organization’s market position or situation. According to Gilligan.C and Wilson R.M.S, 2003 it also includes the threats and opportunities available in the market for the organization entering into the market

Forces affecting the market Environment:

Environment plays an important role for the market planners within the market according to R.A.Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, 2004 there are five forces which a market planners need to put forth during the planning of new product in the market.

Social forces

Economical forces

Technological forces

Competitive forces

Regulatory forces

Social forces:

Social forces include the movements towards healthful products and...

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