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Delegation has always been an important part of nursing. It has also been one of its most challenging aspects. How, as a new supervisor, you approach the subject can be a delicate matter. I would start by having a team meeting with the entire office staff. This approach would allow all of the members of the team to explain their rolls leading to a collaborative effort. In future staff meetings, I would also have follow up discussions in regards to what is working and what is not working within the healthcare team. When people feel that they are part of a team with equally important rolls it leads to greater job satisfaction and productivity. This will also allow everyone to become aware of the important jobs that all of the team members have. Working as a team from the beginning of care through to after the baby is born will lead to improved care and increase patient satisfaction. I would approach Ms. W in a non-threatening manner in a private area where we are not going to be interrupted. I would complement her on her concern for her patients and the individual attention that she pays them. I would explain to her that there are many services available at the clinic to assist her. Delegating some of the work would be beneficial in the overall care of the patient. She would still be responsible for the overall care and evaluating the outcomes of the care provided by others, but she would have some of the case load removed allowing her to concentrate more on the important aspects of her job. If necessary, I would provide her with resources to help in the delegation process such as the American Nurses Association’s Principles for Delegation, or, The National Council of States Boards of Nursing's Decision Tree for Delegation to Nursing Assistive Personnel. In the case study, Ms. W. appears to be frustrated and overwhelmed with the case of Ms. R....

References: American Nurses Association (ANA) and National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) (n. d.)Joint Statement on Delegation. Retrieved from:

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