Surface and Waste Water

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Surface and Waste Water
Surface water is above the surface of the planet such as streams, rivers and lakes. Waste water is any water that is affected by human impact, sewage is an example. The EPA monitor surface water on the federal level. The WVDEP and WVDHHR monitor it in the state. On the federal level The EPA also monitors waste water. Surface Water Classifications are s applied to surface water bodies, such as streams, rivers and lakes, which define the best uses to be protected within these waters. Classifications and their protection rules may be planned to protect water quality, fish and wildlife, or other special characteristics. For wastewaters classification there are three groups Domestic, Industrial and Cooling waste waters. Waste Water has nine characteristics Oils, nutrients, solids, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, inorganics, organics and pollutants. One law that regulates surface water is the SDWA that was formed in 1974. The EPA sets national standards for drinking water to protect against health risks, considering available technology and cost. Each standard also includes monitoring and reporting requirements. The Act allows States to take over the implementation of the program by obtaining primacy. The EPA regulates the discharge of waste water under the Clean Water Act (CWA). The CWA was enacted in 1948. Surface water is different from groundwater because it is located on the above ground like streams. Groundwater is located underneath earth’s surface. Groundwater transfers into the streams where surface water is located. Surface water is different from drinking water because it is untreated. Waste Water and drinking water differ because the waste water is not potable. The difference between waste water and ground water is that groundwater soon turns into the H2O we drink from our taps and bottles. They are alike because the both contain contaminants before treatment.
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