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water cycle

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Chapter 12 Study Guide: Empires in East Asia. 600-1350

Section 1:Tang and Song China
Vocabulary: Define each term and describe why each of the terms is significant Tang Taizong

Wu Zhao

Movable Type


As you read this section, take notes to answer the questions about how the Tang and Song Dynasties transformed China. What impact did the Tang and Song dynasties have on the following areas of Chinese Society? 1. Transportation

2. Government
3. Foreign trade
4. Agriculture
5. Science/Technology
6. Art

What changes did the tow dynasties bring about for the following groups? 7. Old Aristocratic Families
8. Gentry
9. Woman

Section 1 questions
1. Describe the urban social classes that emerged during the Tang and Song Periods?

2. Write two short paragraphs, one discussing how Tang and Song emperors strengthened Chinas empire and the other discussing how they weakened it

Sections 2 + 3 the Mongols Conquests/The Mongol Empire
Vocabulary: Define each term and describe why each of the terms is significant Kublai Khan

Marco Polo




As you read about the Mongols, take notes to answer the questions. The Rise of the Mongols
1. What was the primary cause of conflict between steppe nomads and settled communities?

2. How was Genghis Khan able to unite the nomadic Mongols?

3. What traits enabled Genghis Khan to conquer most of Asia?

The Khanates
4. Into what four khanates did the successors of Genghis Khan

5. How did the Mongols rule?

6. How did the cultural differences among the khanates eventually affect the empire?

The Pax Mongolica
7. What was the Mongol peace?

8. How did this peace affect trade and cultural interaction? As you read section 3, use the questions to help you summarize information about the Mongol rule in China 1. Who?
-Who was Kublai Khan?
-Who was Marco Polo?

2. When
-When did the Mongols gain control of all of China
-When did Kublai Khan rule?

3. Where?
-Where did Kublai Khan build palaces?
-Where did Kublai Khan move the capital of his empire?

4. How?
-How did the Mongol rulers treat thrir Chinese subjects?
-How did Kublai Expand foreign trade?

5. Why?
-Why did Mongols give most high government posts to foreigners? -Why were the Mongols unable to conquer Japan?
-Why is the Yuan Dynasty important in Chinese History?

6. What?
-What brought about the fall of the Yuan Dynasty?

Sections 4: Feudal Powers in Japan
Vocabulary: Define each term and describe why each of the terms is significant Shinto




How did the following factors help shape Japanese Civilization 1. Geography
2. Yamato Clan
3. Korean Travelers
4. Chinese Culture

5. Heian period
How did these groups weaken Japan’s imperial government?
6. Samurai Warriors

7. Shoguns

As you read about the development of Japanese civilization, take notes to answer the questions and fill out the charts. Sections 5: Feudal Powers in Japan
Vocabulary: Define each term and describe why each of the terms is significant Khmer Empire

Angkor Wat

Koryu Dynasty

Khmer Empire

Sailendra Dynasty

Srivijaya Empire

Ly Dynasty

Koryu Dynasty

As you read about kingdoms that prospered in Southeast Asia and Korea, write down notes to fill in the chart.

In each box cite examples that illustrate the influence of India and China on the kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea

Indian Influence
Chinese Influence

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