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Kublai Khan

with his father and uncle on his first journey to Cathay, or what is now called China. • Marco’s journey took 3 years but they finally reached Kublai khan’s palace in china. Marco’s trading life • When Marco's father had gone to visit Kublai khan, he requested to bring Marco to China the next time they visit so that is how it all started. • Kublai Khan loved Marco’s attitude towards china and its culture, so he sent Marco on a trade mission and eventually made him a king of one of the cities. •...

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Christmas Tree and Marco Polo

Venice was the centre of the Venetian Republic. Marco Polo was only 17 years old when he, his father, Niccolo and his uncle, Maffeo, decided to go to China. It was Pope Gregory X who sent them to visit Kublai Khan who was the emperor of China at that time. During their visit there, Marco Polo told Kublai Khan many stories about different lands and the emperor liked them so much that he gave Marco a job, sending him on different diplomatic missions. He was also made the governor of Yangzhou, an important...

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Marco Polo

story about setting foot in China. One false claim Marco Polo made was that he assisted Kublai Khan as a military advisor during the siege of Hsyiang-Yang. According to records, the Chinese siege ended on January 1273, which was two years before Marco Polo actually got to northern China. Another doubtful claim Marco Polo made was that he was the governor of Yangzhou, and served as an ambassador under Kublai Khan. Yet despite his high-ranking positions, his name does not appear in any of the Chinese...

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Invisible Cities-Calvino

Adelma, The Afterlife? Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino is a surreal novel that leaves the reader unsure if he/she is coming or going. Marco Polo converses in a garden with Kublai Khan on a daily basis and tells him of the travels that he has experienced. We are met with many different descriptions of cities, some light and some dark. The novel describes a world of constant uniformity. Although there is a wide sense of travel throughout the novel, there is also a sense of stagnation. We are...

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Dbq on Slavery

and wealth. Government slaves worked as servants, clerks, accountants, and minor officials. Others works as gamekeepers, ranch hands, and in heavy labor.| Document 5 Zhou Daguan, government messenger to Cambodia, sent by the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan 1296| Savages are brought to do the work of servants. When they are young and strong, they cost a hundred pieces of cloth; when old and weak, they sell for thirty to forty pieces of cloth. Wealthy families may have more than a hundred slaves,...

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Marco Polo vs. Zheng He

extensively and went all through out China. He also dipped into Southeastern Asia (India and Indonesia). He was one of the first to provide extensive written accounts of the progressive Chinese Empire to Europe. It is said he and the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan were amiable with each other. Historians debate if Marco Polo’s writing is accurate because his description at the time does not include major things occurring like the Great Wall of China. Some records do not hold up his claims. Marco Polo’s family...

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Great Explorers of Mankind

young, information, born, house, time http://www.notablebiographies.com/Lo-Ma/Magellan-Ferdinand.html#ixzz27xccbYGY 2. He was born in Venice in 1254. Both his father and uncle were leading merchants who had nearly met the Mogul emperor, Kublai Khan. When he was17, he set off with them on an adventure that would last over 20 years. His father took three letters to give to the emperor. From Palestine they passed through Turkey into Iran. In Afghanistan they stopped for a year, probably coming...

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kubla khan

KUBLA KHAN 1797 Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Romantic Movement changed the way art and literature represented the world by focusing on emotions, nature, and imagination. This emphasis can be seen in the work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, one of the most influential poets of the era. In his poem “Kubla Khan,” Coleridge used dreamlike imagery to describe the fabulous palace of a Mongol emperor. The poem shows the author’s interest in the mysterious and the exotic, as well as the beauty and savagery...

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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Genghis khan has done what many could not during his time like being one of the greatest conquers, having a very high education, and is a great military leader. Genghis Khan should be included into the medieval Hall of Fame. He has good government establishments, he is an effective military leader, and under his control even alone, the Mongol Empire had a vast territory and growing during and after his time, but eventually everything that goes up, must come down. Mongolia was controlled...

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Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

called Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. This book describes the Mongol Legacy and how his achievements have impacted the globe since he was first found. This book consists of Jack Weatherford’s take of how the Mongolian empire impacted the world. This book is divided into sections that talk about the stages of the Mongol influence. The first chapter is an introduction and a first chapter name “A Blood Clot”. It starts out with the speculation of the death of Genghis Khan. Some say...

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