Supportive Communication

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Topic: Supportive Communication

In this essay we are going to discuss and evaluate a kind of interpersonal communication that helps managers to communicate accurately and honestly without jeopardizing interpersonal relationships – namely, supportive communication (Cole 1999). Positive supportive communication not only can enhance personal image and social acceptance, also is an essential value in organization. Bentley (1999) point out that, with supportive communication, organization have this positive relationship tends to have a higher productivity, faster problem solving leads to less conflict between managers and employees, even individual feel more successful because of higher leanings. It means that supportive communication is an important tool to help organization to accomplish their goals. To build up an effective and efficient organizing, there is a need of supportive environment, good leadership and effective communication. It is an advantage to both company and individuals. This essay is going to illustrate how supportive communication affect an organization and the factors involved in maintaining and building an effective organization. In this essay, there are three different peer- reviewed articles, which talk about supportive communication in the frame work within an organization, academic stress and health.

According to the information in U.S. Bureau of Labor (2004), over 50% of the married households were reckoned to have “dual-income”. “Dual income” means that both parents were working. Families with children at home would require more fund to support. However, both parents working will create difficult struggle for them to balance between work and family demands. There is a good example that showed the serious of this problem. Hill, Hawkins, Ferris, and Weitzman (2001) had done a survey on 6451 IBM employees. The result has shown that around 50% of the participants reported to have problem to maintain balance between work and family. To improve this situation Clark (2000) had introduced a border theory. This theory framework is focus on how to manage relationship between work and family o create and maintain balance. This theory will describe later in this essay. Another example that appeared supportive communication is relevant - there was a questionnaire packet survey on instruments relevant to the present study interspersed with other, non-relevant instruments has taken at two Eastern universities. 739 of questionnaires had been collected. Xu and Burleson (2001) had an Expericenced Support instrument to measure the scale. The result of the survey shown that students standard of feeling stress is 5 (degree form 1-7, 1 is strongly disagree and 7 is strongly agree). This example shown students are feeling stressed and how much informational supportive communication received from closed friends and families are essential to release this problem. Emotional support, like, attentive listening, and informational support, such as advice and training, had been use to solve this problem in this survey. More about that will describe later in this essay. The last scenario I would like to discuss is Seidman (2000) found out nearly 50% of those students attended college fail to obtain a bachelor degree. To help these academic-at-risk student Center for Basic Skill (CBS) programs provide support to students, such as academic support and personal advice support, this is supportive communication. With this program students can better off to get retention in college. The author also use two models to evaluate this risk, they are Epidemiological Model, Social Constructivist Model. These two model help to reduce number of at-risk-student. Further detail on how to help students by supportive communication will discuss later in this essay.

This essay emphasize that how important the balance between interaction of work envoironment and interaction between family environment. We have...
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