Parenting Strategies From Two Different Perspectives

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Parenting Strategies from Two Different Perspectives
Jerica Johnson
University of Florida

Parenting Strategies from Two Different Perspectives
As many of us have experienced, parenting is a special skill that does not come with an instruction book, nor a magic genie that helps us solve the issues we may face during parenthood. As many families know, creating harmony in the household is a challenge that sometimes never ends, however, parenting strategies give families the tools to approach the varied situations family interactions create with solid, efficient skills. Almost every family is faced with the challenges of balancing a career, a romantic partner or spouse, individual needs, finances, and the needs of their children. For this assignment, we were expected to interview two parents from different families who have been parents for at least a period of ten years. The interviewees included a mother from my church and the mother of my closest friend. By interviewing these parents, I learned how they have managed to successfully raise their families while balancing their careers, finances, personal needs, and romantic relationships. By learning of two different perspectives on parenting I was able to predict how my personal parenting strategies would possibly be in the future. In addition, I learned about various parenting skills that I had never thought of before and was able to use the 8 needs and 9 skills to create a new variation of the parenting strategies that I had thought of in the past. We sometimes fail to realize how much we can learn from others and by completing this assignment, I revealed new and more improved approaches of becoming an effective parent while harmonizing the other dynamics of my life. Projective Hindsight Interview

This assignment required me to consult with two parents from unrelated families who have parented for at least ten years while also being successful at maintaining healthy parenting with their personal needs, funds, love relationships, and their careers. Each parent was asked the same 9 questions and then asked to elaborate further on specific questions. The questions focused on the parents parenting styles and strategies, and how their families have developed over the years. In addition, one of the parents confided in me about parenting a child with autism. This interview was an opportunity to share their parenting experiences with someone who has never parented before. Occupation. What was/is the occupation of this individual?

Parent Interview #1: Marlene, a mother from my church and the mother of a dancer from my dance group was the first interviewee. She is a medical Phlebotomist at a medical clinic in Winter Haven, Florida (Jerica Johnson, personal communication, April 5, 2015). She has 4 children who range in ages six to twenty-three. Parent Interview #2: Lovett, the mother of one of my closest friends and also my neighbor was the second individual I interviewed. She is a self-employed realtor in her spare time and a full-time property major for a housing authority. Her work entails her to manage section 8 housing as well as public housing. On average, she states that she works approximately fifty hours a week between her two careers. She has 2 children who are away at college, allowing her to work such extensive hours (Jerica Johnson, personal communication, April 6, 2015). Highlights of Working Career. What are/were some of the highlights of this persons working career? Parent Interview #1: The highlights of Marlene’s career include creating a bond between her and her patients as well as “having the ability to save someone’s life.” She enjoys knowing that her patients leave her work facility feeling much better than when they came in and this makes her feel as if she has contributed positively to others lives (Jerica Johnson, personal communication, April 5, 2015). Parent Interview #2: The...

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