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Topics: Scientific method, Statistics, Data analysis Pages: 6 (1453 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Format of Summer Training Project for MBA II Semester Students

1. Front Page or Title page1 Page
2. Certificates –two (One by the Company and one by the college) 3. Preface1 Page
4. Acknowledgement1 Page
5. List of Contents( with page numbers)1 Page
6. List of Tables1 Page
7. List of Graphs1 Page
8. List of Abbreviation1 page
9. Executive Summary/ Abstract of the Report2 page
10. Introduction 5 Pages
a) General profile of the organization (history, promoters, type of firm, formation, investors, core business, performance, future plans etc) b) Major Mile Stones (Historical Facts)

c) Certificates and Awards
d) Products/ Services
e) Customers and Competitors (market share)
f) Organizational Structure
g) Financial Analysis ( in short)
i. Ratio Analyses
ii. Trend and Percentage Analyses
11. Need of study or Research Problem2 Pages
a) Symptoms of problems (decline in sales, customer complaints, product failure, distribution channel incompatibility, bottlenecks in production process, operations breakdown, strikes, employee turnover, low productivity of employees, new market opportunities, new technology, availability of funds, skilled labor etc. Problems can by any or the dimensions of management; analysis should be data supported) b) Reasons of the Problems

12. Objective of the Study1 Page
13. Hypothesis of the study (Optional) 1 Page
14. Research Methodology2 Pages
a) Information needed
b) Sources of data
c) Tools of data collection/ Questionnaire used (if any) i. Questionnaire construction, reliability of questionnaire. d) Tools used in the study
It should be relevant to the topic/area, hypothesis testing, 15. Data presentation and Analysis20 Pages
a) Table form
b) Graphical
c) Statistical analysis of data.
16. Findings of the study5Page
17. Suggestions and Recommendations5Page
18. Bibliography2Page
19. Appendix2 Page
a) Copy of Questionnaire
b) Other relevant information which is not mentioned in the text but it is important for the study.

• Font size for main text is 12 and for title 14/16 & Gap between two lines is 1.5 • All the contents of the projects should be in same font (Times new Roman). • Page numbers must be marked and list of contents must specify the page numbers. • There should be minimum 55 pages & maximum 60 pages • Quotations and citations should be acknowledged properly. • Plagiarism is crime and both the guide and the student are equally responsible for the any violation. For checking plagiarism online following links can be used:

Format of Certificate from the Institute


This is to certify that Mr. /Ms --------------------------------------------student of MBA III Semester in our institute has successfully completed his/her summer training project entitled “-----------------------------------------------------------------“for the partial fulfillment of the Master of Business Administration degree.

(Name of the Director) (Name of Project Guide)
Head of the Department /Director Project Guide

Questions for Viva –...
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