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Study Guide Chapter 5

By my3rav Oct 15, 2012 702 Words
AP World History

Chapter 5 – Age of Empires: Rome & Han China Med


Chapter Objectives: When you finish studying this chapter each student should: Be able to analyze the causes of the rise, the stability, and the decline of the Roman and Han empires in terms of their respective geographical locations, natural resources, economic base, administrative structures, and ideological systems. Understand the political evolution of the Roman state from the Republic to the principate, paying particular attention to how change was related to the growth of empire and questions of land ownership. Be able to describe the development of Christianity and to explain how it became the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. Understand the institution of emperorship and the respective roles of the gentry, the small landholders, peasants, and nomads in the history of Han China.

Section 1: Rome’s Mediterranean Empire
1. The growth of the Roman State was based on what natural resources of Italy? 2. The economic wealth of the early Roman State was based on what? 3. The Roman Republic was not a true democracy; because it was ruled by who? 4. The family was the basic unit of Roman society under the authority of who? 5. Describe the role of Roman women? 6. How did the Romans view the natural world? 7. One key to the Romans’ success in winning the loyalty of all Italy was doing what? 8. What was the result of each of the three wars Rome had with Carthage? 9. When Rome took control of a foreign land, it normally did what? 10. As the numbers of independent farmers declined in the later republic, Italian landowners increasingly turned to what? 11. On what factor do scholars agree was the reason behind why Rome and Han China flourished simultaneously? 12. The emperor responsible for the reorganization of the Roman government after 31 B.C.E. was 13. What word/phrase describes the safety and stability of the Roman Empire 14. One of the most enduring consequences of the Roman Empire has been the 15. Before 212 C.E., how did many people living outside Italy became Roman citizens 16. What role did Rome play in the circumstance surrounding Jesus’ ministry and acclimation by his followers as the messiah 17. Why was becoming Christian considered an act of disloyalty in the Roman Empire? 18. How did the Roman architecture departed from the Greek style 19. Roman technological expertise is evident in 20. From the reign of Augustus, the Roman army was reorganized and redeployed to do what? 21. The most visible symptom of Rome’s “third-century crisis” was the 22. Who reformed Rome in the 3rd century C.E. and saved it from decline? 23. Why did the conversion of Constantine usher in a time of tolerance, acceptance, and eventual dominance of Christianity? 24. What city became the new imperial capital of the Roman Empire?

Section 2: The Origins of Imperial China
25. In addition to agriculture, a fundamental resource of China was 26. A result of the competition among states in the Warring States Period was 27. The Chinese family was considered to include what members? 28. Because of the influence of Confucian ethics, Chinese values emphasized 29. The Confucian view of proper female behavior was exemplified by the 30. It was customary for young brides in China to 31. The Qin ruler took the title Shi Huangdi, which meant 32. When the Qin government abolished primogeniture, this meant that 33. What was the effect of the standardization of coinage, weights and measures, the law code, and writing. 34. The early Han emperors reformed the Legalist system by 35. The well planned urban capital of the Han dynasty was called what? 36. In order to supply administrators for the empire, the Han used officials from the gentry class and adopted 37. Why was Daoism popular among the common people ? 38. The important Han innovations include what 39. The leading export commodity of China during the Han was 40. What is considered by scholars to be the factors helping to explain the fall of the Han empire?

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