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The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were considered the two most powerful empires that ruled their respective parts of the world in the Ancient Era. The Roman Empire dominated the Mediterranean Basin and the Han Dynasty east and central Asia. The Roman Empire shares a combination of internal and external problems subsidizing the fall in the western portion. The Roman Empire parallels the Han Dynasty in the internal pressures each empire has faced and the epidemic effect on trade routes and economic dealings; however, the decline of each empire differed in the sense that one suffered from foreign invasions and the other had weak leaders who could not maintain control.

The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty share comparisons in the result of the collapse of the empires. The Silk Road was offered as a trade way to exchange biological materials such as cherries, apricots, peaches, and walnuts from Central Asia and China to the Mediterranean. Along with the material products, fruits, and nuts that traveled, infectious diseases caused ferocious epidemics when they found their way to the unexposed populations. The Han Dynasty and Roman Empire suffered from the diseases including smallpox, measles, and the bubonic plague that decreased the majority of the people. The epidemic disease weakened the Chinese and the Roman societies, which negatively affected economic and social change.

The Roman Empire equaled in internal and external forces, whereas the Han Dynasty’s political struggles, within the empire, was significant due to its weakening. During the 235 C.E to 284 C.E, there were 26, mostly generals, who seized power of the empire, yet controlled it briefly. The central problem of the Roman Empire was due to its large size resulting it to become unmanageable. Emperor Diocletian attempted to deal with the problems by dividing the empire into two segregated districts. After his retirement, a round of struggles, including civil wars occurred. Constantine later was able...
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