Ccot Roman Empire

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The world between 100 C.E. and 600 C.E. in the classical era witnessed the collapse of major civilizations in Rome, India and China. Rome, in the west, evolved from a strong centralized state to a position of complete political fragmentation. It was a society that was at its cultural height in creativity that ended in total decline; however, in the eastern portions of the Roman Empire there was political continuity and centralization of state as seen in the Byzantine Empire, which split Rome into two. The world at this time was witnessing the mass movement of pastoral people interacting with sedentary people and the weaknesses of many empires including the Han Dynasty, the Guptas and Rome. During the Pax Romana Era, the Roman Empire was at its peak in the Mediterranean because of powerful, unified governmental rulings. The army and the emperors ruled over a huge amount of land; from North Africa to the northern parts of Britannia, a city-state. Throughout the empire, infrastructures and roads were cultivated by the centralized governments of Rome. However, by 600 C.E., the empire had collapsed due to a feudalistic system with no centralized government. Before 100 C.E., the empire relied on developing conquests and extensive expansion. But by 600 C.E., the empire had stopped land acquisition. Due to this complication and a non-existent budget, pressures on the government to fund the army substantially increased. Because of this, the Rome shifted from growth to defensive. This resulted in the decline of men wanting to join the army; by the 4th century, the army diminished in numbers to the point of ruin. As a result incompetent rulers, unable to address the magnitude of these issues, came to power. As the empire continued to weaken, Germanic tribes invaded Rome and the army was left defenseless. As a result, the Roman Empire collapsed due to internal and external strife. In 100 C.E., Rome was at its cultural high point. A mass amount of architecture began to be...
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