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Topics: Tropical cyclone, Wind, Meteorology Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: April 9, 2013
GEOL 1402 Hour Test 3: Review Guide Chapter 18: Air Pressure and Wind 1. Know standard air pressure at sea level in pounds per square inch and inches of mercury. (1 question) 2. Know who invented the mercurial barometer. (1 question) 3. Study the instruments used to measure air pressure. (1 question) 4. Review the role of pressure gradients in creating wind. (3 questions) 5. Know how the spacing of isobars on a weather map relates to wind speeds. (2 questions) 6. Know that a “southwest wind” blows toward the northeast. (1 question) 7. Know about the Coriolis Effect- what causes it, what factors influence its strength, and how it affects wind direction. (2 questions) 8. Understand the role of centers of low pressure and centers of high pressure in current weather and weather forecasting. (3 questions) 9. Know the direction of rotation of winds in the northern hemisphere around low pressure centers and high pressure systems. (2 questions) 10. Review the terms cyclone and anticyclone. (2 questions) 11. Know why; barometric tendency is such a useful aid in short-range weather prediction. What does it mean if pressure is increasing?/decreasing? (1 question) 12. Review the idealized global circulation model. (2 questions) 13. Understand the relationship between the westerlies and the polar jet stream in middle latitudes, especially in the United States. (1 question) 14. Know why upper level winds travel at higher speeds than surface winds. (1 question) 15. Review land breezes and sea breezes. Know how and when they form. (2 questions) 16. Understand Chinook and Santa Ana winds. (1 question) Chapter 19: Weather Patterns and Severe Storms 1. Know what is meant by “air mass weather.” (1 question) 2. Know the four basic types of air masses and their basic characteristics (3 questions). 3. Know the definition of a front (2 questions). 4. Know the symbols on a weather map for a warm front and a cold front (2 questions). 5. Study the differences between a warm front and a...
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