Stress management in modern organizations

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Stress management in modern organizations

For the past decades the problem concerning stress in modern work organizations has become one of the most widely discussed subjects. Different unstable conditions of the workplace, intense relationships with co-workers, difficult unclear tasks could lead to stressful situations that would eventually resolve in different health issues. Headaches, loss of energy, emotional disorders – all of this are bright examples of what stress can cast. And annually, as a result, businesses all around the world lose millions of dollars because of the absence of employees, health costs and lost productivity. That is why stress management is extremely important in modern organizations. Stress is an unpleasant emotional state that results when someone is uncertain of his or her capacity to resolve a perceived challenge to an important value1. If people are afraid to lose their position or job, if they have a bad atmosphere at work, this could create the preconditions for stress. There are three components of stress – perceived challenge, importance of values and uncertainty of resolution. Workplace factors, that make jobs stressful, are called job stressors2. These stressors can concern the job itself (the nature, specifics of the work, job tasks, etc.), the interpersonal relationships on work (conflicts, abusive behavior by supervisors) and the organizational context and structure (defective equipment, lack of supplies, unfair payment and reward systems). So, jobs that require heavy work, repetitive actions, and long periods of attention will be perceived as stressful. Research has shown that all of these stressors influence the well-being of the employees. To better understand the situation and connections of these factors to health and productivity a number of people were surveyed. They had to describe their attitude towards the job and their health condition. Some of the researchers went even further. They took measurements of the noise level and observed every worker for a day. Every participant went through a quick medical observation. Eventually, after collecting and analyzing this data, the researchers provided the result – physical and social environment can stimulate negative emotions, poor health and low organizational commitment. Perception of control is one of the most important elements in the occupational-stress process. Any aspect of work, schedule or location, relationships with co-workers or how tasks are done, can be taken under control. They way people interpret a situation is the key moment – some small insignificant everyday activities can be paid with little attention, others can somehow be perceived as threatening to psychological or physical well-being. These job stressors are called perceived job stressors and they most commonly result in such emotional reactions as anger and anxiety that are clearly negative. Afterwards this behavior can lead to physical and behavioral strains that could damage both, the individual (smoking, alcohol abuse) and the employer (stealing, fights with other employees). Elevated blood pressure, a heart condition in short-term could cause an upset stomach or headache, but in long-term – serious health conditions. To provide evidence between control and health a few researchers, Ganster, Fox, and Dwyer, conducted a 5-year research of stress. They found out that better mental health and, as a result, lower use of medical services during these 5 years was predicted when high control was applied. So, the important factor in people’s perceptions of job stressors and stress management in whole is control. This paper contains the analysis of different theoretical sources, examples of 2 companies showing practical implementation of stress management and personal analysis of this problem. Theoretical Aspects

Goal of Stress Management
Business and organizational structure have been changed by the process of globalization with the advent...
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