Ilm M3.15 Managing Stress in the Workplace

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ILM-Institute of leadership and management

Certificate in leadership and management Level 3

Reflective Review

Managing stress in the workplace

Managing Stress
Causes of Stress in the organisation

Stress can be caused by many different things within an organisation but the main causes of stress can be broken down into “six management standards” Anon (2009) how to tackle work related stress I used these areas to construct the chart below and discussed stress at a team meeting and asked my team to complete a Circle of influence around areas over which they felt they had no control Appendix 1 we also discussed what we / I could do to manage the six main causes of stress results of which are shown below.

Main causes of stress: | What you can do about it:| Demands: Staff often become overloaded if they cannot cope with the amount of work or type of work they are asked to do| Pay attention to the way the job is designed, training needs and whether it is possible for staff to work more flexible hours| Control: Staff can feel disaffected and perform poorly if they have no say over how and when they do their work.| Think about how staff are actively involved in decision making, the contribution made by teams and how reviewing performance can help identify strengths and weaknesses| Support: levels of sick absence often rise if staff feel they cannot talk to managers about issues that are troubling them| Give staff/individuals the opportunity to talk about the issues causing stress, provide a sympathetic ear and keep them informed| Relationships: a failure to build relationships based on good behavior and trust can lead to problems related to discipline, grievances and bullying| Check the organisation's policies for handling grievances, unsatisfactory performance, poor attendance and misconduct, and for tackling bullying and harassment| Role: Staff will feel anxious about their work and the organisation if they don't know what is expected of them | Review the induction process, work out an accurate job description and maintain a close link between individual targets and organisational goals| Change: change needs to be managed effectively or it can lead to huge uncertainty and insecurity.| Plan ahead so change doesn't come out of the blue. Consult with staff so they have a real input, and work together to solve problems|

Impact of stress in the work place

From an organisational point of view stress can cost money in increased absence therefore increased workload for those who remain at work this could have a knock on affect to those remaining at work as demands increase, if these demands continue for an extended length of time other members of the team could possibly be absent from work or leave.

An Individuals stress can, as well as causing them ill health or fatigue may also cause friction with others who may feel resentful and see a person’s behavior not as stress related but as been awkward, unfriendly or just lazy this can affect teams relationships.

Stress does not always manifest its way just in absence levels it affects organisations in many other ways as follows:-

* Increase in staff turn over
* Poor quality work
* Increase in complaints
* Poor Communication
* Possible loss of contracts

Symptoms of stress

Stress comes in different forms:-

Individual stress - relating to relationships or personal problems – these can also be reduced with the right kind of understanding and support.

Organisational stress- caused by poor management or the lack of company policies for dealing with bullying or discipline.

Personally many individuals have increased stress levels at times, I have come to recognise that I find it hard to concentrate on individual tasks and often avoid doing tasks I do not like. Additionally as a smoker I smoke more, feel anxious and my attention...
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