Strategy and Product Desing at Regal Marine

Topics: Computer-aided design, Management, Product life cycle management Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: November 14, 2012
PT 2: STRATEGY AND PRODUCT DESING AT REGAL MARINE Date: Thursday, October 25th Instructions: • • • Please, read very carefully and thoroughly this document. Before class, you must read the case study. During the class, we will watch some videos related to the case study to complete the information about the company and you will have to work in groups to solve the discussion questions. Class notes are allowed for this practical teaching. For this practical teaching each group must hand in a report with the discussion questions that you have worked in class. This practical teaching is a group activity.

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STUDY CASE: STRATEGY AND PRODUCT DESIGN AT REGAL MARINE Chapter 2 deals with operations management strategy. Strategy is the action plan to achieve a company’s mission. The firm’s mission is then supported by each activity. Each activity, including the production activity has a strategy for achieving its mission and for helping the organization reach the overall mission. These strategies exploit opportunities and strengths, neutralize threats, and avoid weaknesses. In this case we explore how strategies are developed and implemented at Regal Marine. Firms achieve missions in three ways: (1) differentiation, (2) cost leadership, and (3) quick response. This means operations managers are called on to deliver goods and services that are (1) better, or at least different, (2) cheaper, and (3) more responsive. Regal Marine, one of the US’s ten largest powerboat manufacturers, achieves its mission — providing luxury performance boats to customers worldwide — using the strategy of differentiation. It differentiates its products through constant innovation, unique features, and high quality. Increasing sales at the Orlando, Florida, family-owned firm suggests that the strategy is working. Differentiation goes beyond physical characteristics to encompass everything about the boat that influences the value that the customers derive from it. Operations managers at...
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