Psyc 255 Case Study paper

Topics: Scientific method, Case study / Pages: 3 (927 words) / Published: Apr 27th, 2015
How to conduct and complete a Case Study
Kimberly M Asbury
Liberty University

In this paper, the definition and description of what a case study is, what are some reasons for using a case study, what are some disadvantages and advantages of this approach? Also included in this paper I will talk about what are some of the ways a researcher can acquire information that can is used for a case study. A case study can be defined as a descriptive account of the behavior, history, and other relevant factors concerning a particular individual (Cozby, Bates, 2012).

What is a Case Study?
A case study is an intensive type of research that involves a process in which detailed information is collected over a period of time. The case study method can be accurately understood as a specific way of defining cases, not a way of analyzing cases (Gerring, 2004). A further characteristic of how a case study works is that multiple methods of collecting data can be used (Pegram, 2000). A case study is designed to provide testing whether theories work in the real world. Case study research stands for CSR.
A case study consists of five components, the research questions, the propositions, what topic or subject that is going to be analyzed. Lastly a determination of how the data is linked to the proposals (Zucker, 2009). When using a case study it is important to remember that it will not give you a direct answer to the theory questions, but it will provide an understanding of the subject. A further hypothesis can be generated after a case study is conducted to examine further the proposition.
There are six different examples of case studies, for example, multiple case Studies. Multiple case Studies can generate more than one case, for example, exploring differences within and between cases. The explanatory case study is used for seeking answers to real life questions or theories. Exploratory case studies are used to explore situations

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