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This group project has been structured to provide students with an opportunity to see how the concepts covered during classroom discussion relate first-hand to a particular firm (a publicly traded corporation). The learning outcome for this project is for students to gain an increased understanding of how the major course concepts are applied in business.

You are a consulting company hired by a group of investors (i.e. the members of your class) who have a considerable amount of money to invest. Assume this investor group is interested in investing in the company your team is researching. You have been hired to fully research the company and make a recommendation to the investor group as to whether or not they should invest their funds in the researched company.

Assignment Instructions
Students will form teams with a maximum group size of four students. Teams choose their own company to research however it must be a publicly traded company which produces an annual report. The first team who chooses a company can use that company – first come, first served. When the company is submitted to the instructor for approval a current day stock quote must be included with the company name. You may divide up the assignment between group members but each individual is responsible to understand the information in all parts for examination purposes. The final report should be a cohesive document representing the entire group regardless of how you divide the work effort. Each student is required to keep copies of his/her notes, research, rough drafts ,etc. and make them available on request by the course instructor. Your role is that of a team of consultants. You will want to name your firm. Your task is to undertake a comprehensive analysis of your assigned company and provide a buy/sell recommendation to a major institutional investor. Your cover letter will be addressed to this institutional investor. Your written report MUST be 15-20 pages, typed and 1.5-spaced. It should be written in the form of an informational report including cover letter, title page, table of contents and appropriate headings, and layout. It is to contain an Appendix (not part of the 15-20 pages) which could include an organizational chart, exhibits (e.g. advertising material) and any other material you believe to be relevant. The References section is to cite all sources of information in APA style. It must be created in electronic format in a single document which will be emailed to your instructor Your PowerPoint presentation is to be 12 minutes in duration plus or minus one minute. Therefore when you rehearse your presentation note the time.

Company Situation
Complete a thorough assessment of the company’s current situation using a SWOT analysis. In addition to identifying opportunities and threats in the external environment (i.e. investigate what is happening in the entire industry) examine trends, competitive forces and other factors which could have a significant impact on the future direction of the company. For example consider the impact of technological change, government legislation, globalization and major ethical issues. Identify and discuss critical issues your company is now facing. Critical issues are things that will impact whether or not the company survives or thrives. Hint: Look at your SWOT points to see which of these is the MOST CRITICAL to the survival or success of your company. Examples of critical issues are: a shortage of skilled workers, a major ethical issue facing the company, introduction of costly new government regulation, erosion of brand relevance, declining sales/profits, inability to penetrate foreign markets. Identify the issues unique to your company. Conclude the situation assessment with a discussion of the major implications for the company in terms of future strategy. Discuss how the company is addressing the critical issues identified above (i.e how do you think the company...
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