MGT 101 Entire Business Project

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MGT 101 Business Project
Company Choice and Problem Summary - 25 Points  
Choose a company that you would like to investigate.  This company should be going through some sort of problems that can be investigated along the way through this project. Once you have selected a company for your business project, submit to your instructor for approval.  If you are choosing a local company, you must make sure you have access to all the information needed to fulfill the requirements of this project.  Everyone must choose a different company. You will be using a 5-step critical thinking problem-solving process, IDEAS, to work through any problems to determine a solution for this project and for any other problems you encounter.   I – IDENTIFY the Problem and Set Priorities (Step 1)

D – DEEPEN Understanding and Gather Relevant Information (Step 2) E – ENUMERATE Options and Anticipate Consequences (Step 3) A – ASSESS the Situation and Make a Preliminary Decision (Step 4) S – SCRUTINIZE the Process and Self-Correct as Needed (Step 5) Step 1 of the Critical Thinking process.

After your company has been approved by your instructor and before you begin the separate parts of the project, you will go through the first step of the critical thinking problem solving process.   You are to identify your chosen company’s problem and set priorities.  As you begin to examine the characteristics of the problem, you will be able to begin to clarify the priorities.  You need to describe the problem in at least a paragraph and establish priorities in a separate paragraph.  Along with the problem, you need to write a problem statement.  A problem statement describes what is currently going on and why the problem needs to be resolved.  You should include how long the problem has existed and what measurable item(s) are affected. A problem statement is something that is written in the Lean Six Sigma Process.  We won’t spend time in this class learning this process, but if you are interested in investigating Lean Six Sigma, click on the following YouTube video on an introduction to Lean and Six Sigma concepts: Part One – 75 Points   

A. Give your opinions on what you think the difference is between law and ethics.  Do not research this.  This is your opinion – be aware of your assumptions and the perceptions.

B. Now, spend some time researching both law and ethics and report on the difference between the two.  Did you assumptions change based on you what you found through your research?

C. Find one legal and one ethical issue relating to your company and/or the industry and summarize the situation.  Discuss how these legal and ethical issues are driving business decisions within the company. Examples would include: Target (security problems) or General Motors (safety issues).  Many companies go through problems.  Types of problems include, but are not limited to: financial, security, harassment, safety, dishonesty, etc. Include in your discussion the mission statement and ethical credo. Compare the mission statement and philosophy to your beliefs.  Are they compatible to your beliefs?  Do you feel that the Mission is being met by the organization and its employees?    How do the mission and philosophy of an organization impact or relate to the manager’s role? What data or information would you need to change your mind?

D. For the 2nd step of the critical thinking problem-solving process, “D”, you will deepen your understanding the gather relevant information on the company’s problem.  As you deepen your understanding about the problem, it will help you to determine what information might be relevant in coming up with a solution.  You need to gather several (at least 4) reliable sources for this step. Listen to both sides – both the pros and the cons before you evaluate the situation.  If new information arises about the company’s problem(s), you need to consider those as well. Once it is time to...
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