Statement of Intent ( IMSE applicant, winter 2013/14)

Topics: Science, Electrical engineering, Research Pages: 6 (1042 words) Published: January 26, 2014

The persistent advancement of technology aims at making human life effortless has always

appealed to me. As I grew up I witnessed the evolution of engineering and technology which

made me interested in this distinct field of study. Therefore I decided to take up engineering for

my bachelor's study. The ever changing field of modern day technology and its versatile effect

on global world has been constant incentive throughout the last years of my study.

After High school, when I got a chance to enter the Department of Electrical & Electronic

Engineering at the XXX, I was more than excited and

did not think twice to grab it. It is noteworthy to mention that XXX is well reputed and the

only international university in the country. The well designed course curriculum along with

associated lab works of XXX drove me towards depth study of all basic modules of electrical

engineering. The practical essence of theories always inspired me with newer lines of thinking.

The industrial attachment after the end of my third year left a huge impact on me as I witnessed

the practical phenomenon of electrical engineering. Two weeks training at YYY, one week training at ZZZ and one week training at PPP made me more inquisitive than ever before. Besides the core Electrical Engineering subjects I also studied power and energy related subjects like ..................... A thorough study of these subjects helped me to get an

insight at power system engineering. This is also an immersing sector in our country with a lot

of available scopes to work on. The technical challenges encountered in expanding a new sector

provided motivation to adjoin myself in research work on power sector.

As the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the bachelor degree I chose to work on

sustainable form of electricity. My undergraduate thesis topic was “WWW”. As sustainable electricity or energy security,

environment pollution, and the climate change are now key challenges before the world

community, the main objective of my thesis was to give a brief idea on electricity sustainability,

nuclear power and discussed about a sustainable diversified energy mix suitable for Bangladesh

where nuclear power plays the major role.

Alongside my academic work, I am very much active in co-curricular activities. During my study

in XXX I was involved in organizing a number of seminars, presentations on a range of technical

topics and technical tours. Organizing such programs through teamwork assisted me to hone my

leadership and interpersonal skill. But the greatest advantage of being involved in these activities

was that I developed the ability to multitask effectively.

Darmstad University of Applied Science’s distinct niche in Power Engineering research

encourages me to apply into its International Master of Electrical Engineering (IMSE) program.

Its ongoing projects and researches in my field of interest are fascinating to me. There are

some specific reasons why I think this program and my future career plans are confluent.

The first reason comes from my deep personal interest to research works. I have come from

an underdeveloped country. Though XXX provides an excellent research background for an

engineering student, it lacks highly sophisticated research facilities and proper Industrial

collaboration. I believe that the state-of-the-art research facilities, research centers and

laboratories of Darmstad University of Applied Science will provide me the opportunities to

implement my undergraduate knowledge into some apposite empirical researches. The second

reason is derived from my liabilities to my country. Bangladesh is a developing country which

is now on the brink of a major social and economic change. During this period my country

will require a number of experts on Power System and Energy because right now my...
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