Competency Demonstration Report

Topics: PIC microcontroller, Microsoft Office, The Circuit Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: July 16, 2010
Competency Demonstration Report Career Episode 3
Introduction 1. This career episode took place in ‘date’. I was employed as an apprentice Electrical Engineer with ‘my company’ and studying for a Higher National Diploma in Electronics at ‘my college/university’.

Background 2. I was in the final year of my Higher Diploma studying ‘course’. As part of the course it was necessary to identify and submit a project using electronic hardware. The nature of this project was to develop, build, test and present an electronic project that was software controlled by a programmable integrated circuit (PIC). I designed and developed a working system that would automatically cover an outside seating area when rain was detected. I prepared and presented accompanying documentation and presented it to my tutor. I obtained technical information from manufacturer’s data sheets in order to carry out the design, programming and operation of the project. I used materials and parts which were either locally available or ordered on line. 3. I submitted my design to my tutor who confirmed the feasibility and criteria requirements would meet or exceed the course of decisions, taken in the design and introducing changes and improvements. As the necessity of introducing some changes appeared often, we had to reconsider some decisions to meet requirements for cost, operation quality of equipment and materials, which were implemented in the design. 4. I completed the project within an agreed timescale of 14 weeks and also within my budget allocation of £100 UK Sterling. I also developed a first class presentation outlining the details of my project. I applied my computer skills in order to document my findings and also to carry out work to the highest quality. I presented the project using ‘Microsoft Power Point’ which I am proficient at. I also used “MS Word” and “MS Excel” for documentation. I then completed a successful working model demonstration to fellow pupils, tutor and college...
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