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A fascination for Science & Technology and keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering. I choose to major in Electrical& Electronic Engineering with an intense urge to delve into the challenging field. During my under graduation program I learned the various fundamentals of Electrical& Electronics Engineering which together with practical course work reinforce interest.

Right from my school, I had a penchant towards Mathematics, Science and research in general. This basic interest led me to take up Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects in high school. As a part of my Physics project, I had constructed logic gates and simple latches using basic circuit elements. I was so astounded by the Power of Electrical & Electronics. This interest made me to take Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I would like to present my past performance as my credentials for my success in my future endeavors. My innate strength has been my quantitative and analytical abilities which instilled me a special interest for mathematical and physics. I had opted the same in my 10+2 with good marks. This performance helped me in getting admission into Atmiya Institute Of Technology & Science, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

During the course of my undergraduate study I was exposed to various courses with applications like Control systems, Power electronic, Electrical measurements, Linear Integrated Circuits, Electronics, Pulse and digital circuits, Computer methods in power system control, Power systems(1to 2), Elecrical Machines (1 to 3) Micro processors & Micro Controllers, High voltage engineering, Utilization of electrical energy enhanced my subject. I secured good results in my engineering. I was well versed in programming languages like C and C++. During my final year I decided to do project in with the help of microcontroller AT89C51 to change phase angle control of SCR.

I am very much interested...
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