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Topics: Mechanical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Engineering Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: December 11, 2014
“Sky is the limit”
The universe is the most mystical subject to study. The more you try to explore, you realize that the less you know about it. I wish to know more about it, more about how mankind can surpass his own limits in understanding it. This incessant desire for gaining in-depth knowledge of the dynamic and ever-evolving field of aerospace has motivated me to pursue a master’s in aerospace engineering. I was fortunate to have begun a good education and as I grew, my interests and abilities were inclined towards the physical nature of the universe. Science unraveled many a mystery for me and math challenged me and gave me joy. My frequent visits to the “Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium” and the “Visveswaraya Technical Museum” Bangalore, India where I learnt the working of rockets and airplanes enchanted me. Also the “AERO INDIA” show exposed me to the various kinds of aircrafts that inspired and galvanized me.

My respect for education and inclination towards applied science drove me to opt for math and physics in my higher secondary. With a strong background of these, I majored in Mechanical Engineering in undergraduate studies. Subjects like Mechanics of materials, Machine design, Dynamics of machines, Turbo machines, Fluid

mechanics, Robotics, Automotive engineering, Control engineering etc., have revealed to me the limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Pursuing my passion for aerospace, I worked on a project in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL),

Bangalore, India on “DESIGN AND PROCESS PLANNING OF DRY BAY BRACKET” of aircraft wing, during which I had the opportunity to visit the aircraft hangers. It was then that I realized the real beauty of airplanes. So many laws of physics govern the flight of an airplane, but I was amazed to see how it beats the major one-“The Law of

Gravity.” Apart from this I have presented various seminars related to aerospace such as “Gyroscopes in airplanes”, “Development and Applications of stealth...
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