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2Strategic Quality Change to Enhance Performance by Cherry4 3Planned Strategic Quality Change Expansion by Cherry5
4System of Strategic Quality Change by Cherry5
5Tools like Poka Yoke and 5-S6
5.1Poka Yoke6
5.25 – S7
6How to Implement Strategic Quality Change at Chery Motors7 6.1Structure7
7Evaluating the Outcomes10

1 Introduction
This paper reviews the strategic quality change with respect to Chery motors. It discusses the already established system of the organization in this regard. It also discusses the significance of Poka-Yoke and 5-S regarding change implementation. Besides, it also reviews the ingredients of change implementation and their effectiveness. 2 Strategic Quality Change to Enhance Performance by Cherry

(A.C.3.1: Plan a strategic quality change to improve organizational performance). There have been different challenges faced due to quality issues regarding expansions goals of the Chery Motor Co. and some of the Chinese auto industry by the auto exports from China. There was a crash test which was conducted by the J.D. Power & Association back then 2007 showed some very poor output about the different Chinese auto markets. However, the company Chery has so far succeed to establish their everlasting aim of providing maximum “customer satisfaction” to all their customer along with the principle of manufacturing a defect free product as well as using the considerate service as their main objective of each and every employee, that has passed the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification back in 2001. Moreover, in 2002 the company went on with the initiative and passed the ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certification of Germany TUV. The constant control over the high quality has made the Chery cars to compete with the national standards set by the surprise inspection of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision of China. The Chery, further more is partner of the Chrysler has the access to highly technical and quality design expertise of the perfectly oiled Detroit automaker. This deal among these two partners is expected to go to the integration automobile made by the Chery that has the high standard Chrysler dealersip along with quality service networks in the North America. One thing that can be said for sure is that these both companies are going to take this opportunity to a further growth and right into the international auto industry. Source: http://www.cheryglobal.com/about_chery.jsp

3 Planned Strategic Quality Change Expansion by Cherry

(A.C.3.3: Evaluate the wider...

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