Toyota Problem Statemeny

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Refined Problem Statement

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Processes need to be constantly analyzed in order to see if they are operating at full potential. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is one of the most effective processes in the world but it was not fully integrated into foreign market plants. Following is a refined problem statement elaborating on the prior one: The TPS process is not fully in place in all plants across all markets. A fishbone diagram and a flowchart have been provided in order to get to the root of the problem and develop a process improvement plan as well as a complimenting scope. In order for Toyota to remain successful and be prevalent well into the future, the TPS rollout process must be completed smoothly and full-heartedly into all foreign markets.

Fishbone Diagram

-Japanese employees Quality Control
-Foreign employees - Overall lack of QC
-Lack of company - No checks and balances
wide training - No standard reporting and data system

- Lack of bottom up feedback
and understanding- Left out of foreign markets
- Varying cultures - No assurance of use - Foreign plantsAssurance Procedure
too separated (business outlook)


Refined Problem Statement

The Toyota Production System (TPS) process had been faultily implemented into foreign markets leading to underproduction, quality windfall, and monetary loss.

Process Improvement Plan and Scope

The TPS process is one...

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