Speed of Sound

Topics: Sound, Pitch, Mallet Pages: 4 (757 words) Published: September 9, 2010
PHY 113:

Speed of Sound- Resonance Tube

Student’s name: Ilian Valev

Lab partners: Jayanthi Durai, Susan Berrier, Chase Wright

Date of experiment: April 15, 2010

Section SLN: 17742

TA’S name: Alex

This experiment tried to determine the speed of sound waves. To determine the speed, a resonance tube full of water was used and two different tuning forks of known frequency. Each fork was struck above the water level and the water level was slowly moved down until a resonance was heard. The distance where the resonance occurs were recorded and the speed of the waves were determined. The experimental speed of sound was then compared to the calculated theoretical speed of sound. The results obtained were very close to the theoretical speed of sound thus proving that they were precise.

I. Objective.
To measure the speed of sound waves in air.

II. Procedure.
This lab utilizes the following materials: resonance tube, tuning forks, rubber mallet, wooden mallet, measuring tape and thermometer.

Fill the tube with water to about 10cm to the open end of the tube. To adjust the level of the water in the tube, move the side bucket up and down in the vertical direction. Use two different tuning forks and the appropriate head of the mallet. If the frequency is below 1000 Hz use the rubber head of the mallet, if above 1000 Hz use the rubber mallet. Strike the tuning fork with the appropriate mallet above the open end of the tube and slowly start lowering the side bucket so the water level goes down until you hear an increase in sound which is called resonance. Record the location where the resonance occurred and record the height. After you get the first resonance, repeat by lowering the water further down the tube until you get a total of three resonance recordings. Repeat the experiment with a different tuning fork and record the appropriate data.

III. Results.
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