South American Culture

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Cultural Awareness

Thesis: culture is dynamic and can be seen from the interaction of many things such as physical features, history, activities and developments. It is also represented in the way people live and the elements that are found in the day to day interaction such as language, music, dressing among others. I. The definition of culture and its key characteristics proves the dynamic nature of culture. A. The definition of culture makes this clear. B. The key characteristics of culture that include language, values, norms, beliefs, and orientation towards time give us a better understanding of culture. II. Culture and regions of the world: A case for South America. A. A look at the location of South America. B. The physical landscape and prominent features of the region that include the Andes, the amazon forests and the Atacama Desert. III. The expression of culture through history and developments give us a better understanding of the region. A. The military history of South America in itself brings out the nature of the region. B. The key infrastructural developments such as the Panama Canal give us the ancient history and interests of the region. C. Typical activities of the region such as Agriculture tell us about the abundance of rainfall in the areas, tourism also tell us the attractive nature of the region. IV. The people residing in the region and the activities they engage in tell us of the mixed culture of the place. A. The mixture of ethnic groups tells us of the diversity of the regions culture. B. The different languages spoken by the people prove that culture is both specific to a group and a region. C. The different interests communicate the value of ideologies that are held by

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