Sociology Theories: Outline

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, Social class Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: March 9, 2014
1a}I am a white male. Because that is a trait I was ascribed at berth. 1b}I am a student; as a student I go to class do home work and fulfill my role as a student. 1c}I belong to a band. This is a group because we have the same interest and norms. 1d}I am my mothers son.

1e}I worked at Wane Dalton door. I had a walky talky. That showed I was in charge of line no one else had one.
2a}.Study the amount of people that play music in southern Ohio. 2b}"You will have to narrow the population, the target group you are going to study {Henslin,129}" 2c}My hypothesis is that 50% of people play music in southern Ohio. A survey would prove that. 2d}I would like to take surveys; because I can gather data from a large group of people. 3a}A society is based upon common culture and geographical location, while is based upon common beliefs and interest which they feel are important.

3b}A primary group is based upon intimate; long term face to face interaction and cooperation. A secondary group is based upon a more temporary,anonymous and larger then a primary groups. 3c} My family is a primary group and this sociology class is a secondary group In my life. 4a}The intent was to study the social connection on social networks. 4b} The concept that emerged was called the small world phenomenon or the six degas of separation.

5a}The dysfunction of this organization is lack of communication between units. Because each unit is just transferring and not communicating at all. 5b}No Peggy's origination is not a bureaucracy, because it has no clear division of labor or hierarch. You can see this when you look at the office and see the mess and she just got passed around, anyone could be the manager.

6a} Workers are cut off from the fruits of there labor.
6b}You can start study groups to connect with others in a informal setting. To share frustration and or give approval.
6c}Anomie in a sense of normlessness and it comes from strain cased from trying to meet a goal you will never...
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