2.1.9 Ap Psychology

Topics: Research, Headache, Science Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Part 1:
1. Researchers at University of Cincinnati have found a link between lightning and    headaches that could help those who suffer from headaches. The researchers asked the participants to record their headache activity in a journal daily for 3 to 6 months. On the days the lightning struck 31% of the participations recorded an increase in headaches. 2. The sample population is 100 people who suffer from extreme headaches living in Ohio and Missouri. The mean age for the research was 44 and 91 of them were women. I’m not sure if the sample was random, but I do not believe so because 91% of the population was women. 3. I feel that the population is biased because 91% of the population is females therefore most of the findings apply to women and not men. The results that were found may not apply to males that suffer from headaches. Also those researched were only from Ohio and Missouri, not any other different parts of the country. 4. From the headache sufferers in Ohio and Missouri, a medical student and professor at University of Cincinnati chose randomly from this pool of people. 5. No, there was no control in the experiment

6. The independent variable in the experiment is the headache activity on the days there is lightning. 7. The dependent variable is the headache activity through the 3 to 6 month period. 8. There were no extraneous variables in this experiment.

9. Yes, because those chosen were only chosen from two states eliminating any other headache sufferers from the experiment. 10. Yes, the researchers took the daily logs of the participants and found that on days lighting struck 25 miles from the homes of the headache sufferers there was a 31% increased risk of headaches and 28% increase in migraines. 11. The research could have chosen participants from different regions/ states of the country maybe seeing if living in a different region affects your headaches too. Also choosing participants from where lightning strikes frequently and comparing...
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